Turističke atrakcije

Turističke atrakcije u Mataruškoj Banji.

Rafting by Ibar

Rafting – for those who enjoy extreme sports, we can organize rafting on the river Ibar, from the town Usce to Maglic passing along the most famous “Whirlpool Grmcic”. For true admirers of nature and beauties, we can organize less extreme rafting from the fortification Maglic to Mataruska Spa. It is possible to hire the equipment and get professional help from the rafting team.Traditional rafting on the river Ibar called “Cheerful rafting” is held every year at the end of June, beginning of July, from Maglic to Kraljevo.

Rafting Ibrom



For those who love adrenalin tourism, it is supreme experience from the top of the mountains Stolovi, overlooking the Valley of Centuries, fortification Maglic, Mataruska and Bogutovacka Spa, the river Ibar and monasteries Studenica and Zica, It is possible to hire the equipment and get professional help from licensed instructors who are state champions.

Nearby Spas

Vrnjačka Spa is the most celebrated and most popular spa town of Serbia and at same time, a very attractive recreative centre. Situated in a great park full of trees with particularly charming houses, the town has a promsing future. Surrounding Vrnjačka Banja are UNESCO protected medieval buildings,which serve as a reminder to early European civilisation. Other nearby landmarks include the first court of the Serbian Archbishop, the Žiča Monastery and the beautifully frescoed Sopoćani Monastery which both date back to the thirteenth century and the twelfth century Studenica Monastery all of which are nestled in the colourful Ibar River […]

Vrnjacka Banja

Hunting and Fishing

The river Ibar, flowing through Mataruska Spa, is rich with white fish, barbel, even with smaller catfish whereas close to the spa, trout can be found in the rivers Lopatnica and Studenica. If you want to hunt smaller game (quails, rabbits), mountains Stolovi and Goc are perfect. In certain periods of the year it is possible to organize bigger game hunting (roe-bucks, wild boars) with the permission of The Hunting Association of Serbia.

Maglič city

The fortress consist of seven towers and one dungeon ower connected with walls. The towers are typical for a medieval fortress in the Balkan peninsula with three solid sides and wooden fences on inner side. Maglic has one gate placed in the north, and one small sally port in one of the towers in the southeast part. Inside the fortress are remains of a palace,barracks,and a church of Saint George.There is also a large reservoir for water and a well. In the southern part of the fortress, three towers are placed next to each other to give better protection from […]

Grad Maglič

Manastir Studenica


Đurđevi stupovi (English: The Tracts of Saint George, often incorrectly translated as The Pillars of Saint George) is a 12th-century Eastern Orthodox monastery located in the vicinity of today’s city of Novi Pazar……Follow here. Gradac monastery is situated on the wooded slopes of Mt. Golija, built in late XIII century, on the ruins of an earlier church as an endowment of Queen Jelena Anzujska /Helen Anjou/, the wife of king Uros I.that resulted in the gothic architectural influence. In the template there is marble sarcophagus where the St. queen is buried…….Follow here. Ljubostinja Monastery is located in the south-central part […]